Continental Motors Company was a company that produced  engines as a supplier to many independent manufacturers of automobiles including Durant Motors, tractors, trucks, and stationary equipment (such as pumps, generators, and industrial machinery drives).  The company also produced automobiles in 1932 - 1933. The production of automobiles came rather surprisingly nad was not a main focus of the company. Continental Motors produced engines for company called Durant Motors, but unfortunately it collapsed leaving debts and unfinished cars behind. The group that had interests in Duratnt Motors - De Vaux-Hall Motors Company - began to assemble the cars under their own name. De Vaux-Hall Motors Company also collapsed and was unable to pay creditors and that was the point when Continental Motors assumed automobile assembly under  Continental-De Vaux brand name for the balance of the 1932 model year. In 1933 Continental introduces new brand of automobiles not based on De Vaux-Hal line. Company introduced three new models: Ace, Flyer and Beacon. In 1933 Beacon was lowest price full-size car offered for sale in the United States. Unfortunately none of the new modes was a success in era of depression. After the unprofitable debut of this new models Continental decided to stop producing automobiles altogether.