K1 Concept Faresi F1 Supercar! Price On Request

 K1 Concept Faresi F1 Supercar!
 K1 Concept Faresi F1 Supercar!
 K1 Concept Faresi F1 Supercar!
 K1 Concept Faresi F1 Supercar!

Car Price

Price On Request

Car Details

  • VAT Type: US Duty Paid
  • Year: 2019
  • Location: Beverly Hills, CA, United States
  • Mileage: 138 mi (222 km)
  • Power: 400 ps (298 kw)
  • Gearbox: Manual
  • Fuel type: Petrol
  • Color: Orange
  • Car type: Hot Rod
  • Drive: Lhd
  • Engine: 4 Cylinder
  • Drive train: Rwd
  • Interior color: Black
  • VIN: 00001
  • Condition: Used

Car Description

This is the 1st Concept car. We are Engineeering the cars drivetrain as a Formula 1 car. It will do the Quarter Mile in 7.9 Seconds. As reference The Bugatti Veyron does the 1/4 mile in 9.6 Seconds. 
The car is very reliable cause is made with F1 Honda Mechanics. 
It only weighs 1900 lbs. the wheight balance ratio is approx. 50/50.
It has a tubular frame, custome racing seats, diagonal Formula 1 suspension, car is made of Carbonfiber accents and Fiberglass. 400HP wheighing only 1900lbs. Makes it very fast and on the track with the balance wheight ratio can take turns faster then other Supercars that weigh more. 
The car gets more attention then other Supercars, because of the beautiful design and because people have not seen it before. Notice the photo that the Valet Guys come to see the car, cause they’ve never seen it before and they have seen just about every car model.
This car will be very collectible cause is the Prototype. Supercar Prototypes are worth millions. People would be able to order one choose their favorite Exterior and interior colors and choice of Fabrics. The price would be  much less then the other Supercar Prototypes.
Contact us for inquiries. 
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