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22 Cadillac Series 62 for Sale

Cadillac was founded in 1902 by William Murphy, Lemuel Bowen and Henry M. Leland. Formed by the remains of Henry Ford Motor Company, since 1909 Cadillac is a division of U.S. based General Motors which distributes luxury automobiles worldwide. The name origin of the brand came from a famous French explorer, who founded the city of Detroit in 1701. Soon after the foundation of Cadillac, they introduced their first models to the market, the Tonneau and the Runabout. Cadillac offers a wide range of different models, from convertibles to sedans up to SUV’s and trucks.

Who Drives Cadillac Cars:

Cadillac is known for their luxurious interior. For the lavish luxury, the American’s loved the brand and their cars. In Europe until today Cadillac’s are rare on the streets, which is mostly because Cadillac could not compete with Mercedes- Benz and Co. Mostly Americans are driving the different models of the Cadillac brand. Since 2005 Cadillac try one’s luck again in Europe.

Rarity & Exclusivity:

Even the King of Rock & Roll dreamed of driving a Cadillac. He actually wanted to have a pink one, when he as able to afford one, he gave it to his mother. Cadillac’s are still a rarity on the streets in Europe but who does not want to be named in the same sentence with Elvis?