ASTON VIN# 08888 Price On Request

ASTON VIN# 08888
ASTON VIN# 08888
ASTON VIN# 08888
ASTON VIN# 08888

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  • Year: 2008
  • Location: Beverly Hills, CA, United States
  • Mileage: 32388 mi (52123 km)
  • Power: 503 ps (375 kw)
  • Gearbox: F1
  • Fuel type: Petrol
  • Color: Black
  • Car type: Cabriolet
  • Drive: Lhd
  • Engine: 8 Cylinder
  • Drive train: Rwd
  • Interior color: Beige
  • VIN: SCFBF04B78GD08888
  • Condition: Used


The chance of running into this very rare Aston Martin, VIN # 08888 and being also 08 year, is 1 in a Billion, cause there are 2 Billion cars in the world now in 2019.  It would be easier to win the Lottery then to run into this car.
Is the Luckiest Aston Martin ever produced. This will only ever happen ones, it will need repeat ever again!
This is the real Life Lucky James Bond Aston cause is VIN # 08888. 
Imagine pulling up to the Casino in the Luckiest Aston Martin in the Planet and being the “Real life James Bond” ;-)

The 2020 Convertible Vantage coming out is gong to cost over one Million USD. And a normal  Aston will cost $350K USD. 
This Aston is in almost new condition, only 32k miles.  Is a Collector item, will only increase in value. A wealthy Asian Would rather buy this VIN # 08888. & 08 Yr. instead of buying a new Aston!  

Price, ? $88,888 to $888,888.  Or  as much as the luckiest buyer is willing to pay, best offer buys the car!

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Temeluca, CA
United States
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Fuad Abdallah
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Fuad Abdallah

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