The story of the Moke brand begins with the car designed by Sir Alec Issigonis for the British Motor Corporation, the Mini Moke, in the late 1950s. The vehicle was built for the army and it was supposed to be light and parachute-droppable. However, the requirements were not met as superbly as expected (weak engine and low ground clearance) so, in the early 1960s, the vehicle was developed into a civilian car. That version of the Moke very quickly gained popularity through, for example, a British TV series, “The Prisoner”, where it was used in filming. Following the British production, the Mokes were built in Australia and Portugal.

The Moke is widely recognisable as a beach buggy which is a recreational vehicle with substantial wheels designed to drive on deserts or beaches. For this reason, it is a very popular car in many tropical countries such as Seychelles, Mauritius or the Caribbean and driven by surfers and other water sports practitioners.

One of the famous figures to drive the brand and whose face adorns the Moke’s website nowadays is Brigitte Bardot. The well-known photograph of her and her dogs in the Mini Moke was taken in 1960s in French Saint-Tropez and evokes feelings the Moke stands for mainly joy, vitality and pleasure.

2016 was significant for the Moke as the model was relaunched with design refinements, providing a 4-cylinder injection engine, waterproof seats, power steering and seven colour to choose from when taking one’s pick. As for Moke America, the automobile is bigger and stronger than the original. All components of it are made in the United States. The designers also planned it to be an electric car and so it is. Green means better for the environment and quieter. Once fully charged  it can be driven for forty miles  of drive time at a maximum speed of 25 mph.