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    The super wealthy have their own exclusive versions of Amazon, Tinder and Instagram


    The award winning television channel featured JamesEdition in one of their episodes of "The Filthy Rich Guide" as one of the exclusive sites used by the super wealthy.

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    James Edition, The Craigslist For Rich People: Buy An Island, Jet Or Yacht Online

    Huffington Post

    The HuffPost, one of the most popular sites, featured some of our best listings and mention JamesEdition as the place where to check out the lifestyles of the rich and famous.

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    Luxury For Sale

    Exclusive (Lufthansa)

    The exclusive magazine for Lufthansa travelers featured JamesEdition as the online marketplace where the rich can buy what they can not find in any other place.

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    Luxury Superhighway

    Spice (India)

    Spice magazine featured JamesEdition mentioning some of our history and some of the reasons of our success.

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