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What makes a Benetti special?

One of the original greats, Benetti boasts a history of over 130 years, a rare feat among shipbuilders. What’s even more amazing is that the Italian company still is based in the very same shipyard as they were in 1873 – with a few renovations made, of course. More

That’s why they, in 2005, opened a unique post-sales service - a division exclusively dedicated to servicing, refitting and the warranty period. The captain of this ship is sure to be owner of state-of-the-art technology blended with the classic styling of yore.

Rarity & Exclusivity

Benetti sports a wide array of models to meet the requirements of the customer, from the Tradition, Classic and Vision lines to the even more luxurious FB series, aiming to create the ultimate super yacht. With customers like Adnan Koshoggi, Donald Trump and the Sultan of Brunei, owning a Benetti is hardly a common man’s pleasure.

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