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What makes a Glashütte special?

Like its town neighbor A. Lange & Söhne, Glashütte Original is one of those German companies who really give high-end Swiss brands a run for their money. More

Glashütte, while having a rich watchmaking tradition, are fully aware that simply being German is not going to cut it in the luxury watch business, instead relying on their excellent reputation as one of the premier companies around.

Who wears a Glashütte?

People can go on and on about Patek Philippe as the number one brand in watches, period. While Glashütte does not necessarily play in the same league as PP, there's just so much more character their watches. A GO does go well with a suit, but not in that boring clean-dress-watch-on-a-calf-strap way that some companiesseem to adhere to. Few watchmakers have as much spark as Glashütte.

Exclusivity & Rarity

The usage of in-house movements, combined with small production numbers and a soft spot for limited editions have made Glashütte a fan favorite. Limited pieces dedicated to watchmakers Julius Assmann and Alfred Helwig and the use of fine Meissen porcelain dials are some of the ingredients in making GO are real collector's gem.



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