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What makes a Bimota special:

The Lamborghini of the motorcycle world, Bimota actually produced motorcycles for Lamborghini during a brief period in the late seventies. With typical Italian design considered flamboyant enough, Bimota started out customizing Japanese motorcycle brands for the domestic market. Growing to manufacture their own line of bikes, Bimota today is recognised for putting the flair into motorcycles.


Who rides a Bimota:

The Bimota rider is like the Lamborghini driver. Bimotas are not for the faint hearted. With sharp angular shapes and engines to scare hurricanes, Bimota owners like to be seen. A penchant for the expensive, they rarely look at the price before paying. This is not to be misconstrued with nonchalance as it’s a lifestyle; you live Bimota.   


Rarity & Exclusivity:

The early work of customization and design are very sought after, and a series of wins in the Superbike World Championship really put Bimota on the map. Their current bikes have a contemporary design with exposed frames and delicious colour arrangements.