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€ 2,170,000

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€ 2,170,000


  • Year: 2015
  • Location: Vienna Austria



What’s a mobile home doing on JamesEdition? Look closer...

Marchi Mobile is the result of years of development and a completely new spark in the luxury mobility industry. The eleMMent series cannot be described using conventional terms as it is something else entirely: a new premium class of luxurious vehicles, targeted to lovers of extravagance and visionary style.

Pick between your ultra-high end accommodation-on-wheels, a glistening V.I.P promotional vehicle or your very own airport shuttle (sky lounge and business gangway included), with designs from Jens Scheiwe and the mastermind himself, Mario Marchi. On the outside, you’ll find streamlined futuristic looks honed for the ultimate aerodynamic performance, while the insides consist of a modern take on the classic Italo-Austrian baroque philosophy for that timeless feeling. The powerful 510 hp engine that you’ll find under the hood ensures a comfortable ride.

Even though it encompasses individuality without limits, the eleMMent series does come standard with certain things: precise manufacturing from preeminent materials with a passion for details, component functions in a combination that have never been seen before on the market and light lacquering that allows your to shine in the darkest night - a first in the automotive world.

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