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What makes a Graham special?

George Graham is one of the real legends in British horology history. Legend has it that Mr. Graham is to be thanked in part for the success of the British navy, having constructed the world's first sea-worthy clock. The story goes that he even invented the chronograph, but due to his willingness to share his inventions with fellow Britons, died penniless. Today, Graham is Swiss owned but cherishes their British heritage with their traditional yet modern approach to watchmaking.

Who wears a Graham?

No matter how you look at it, a present day Graham is not going to fit under any shirt cuff. These things are loud and meant to be seen. Built like tanks, Graham watches are great conversations starters and, if you look around, a great value. Oversized levers and crown protection systems continue to divide the watch world. Whether you love or hate them, Graham continues to impress both professionals and customers with their attention to detail and perfection.

Exclusivity & Rarity

For a watch that big and noticeable, you hardly see them around town. With the oversized craze seemingly becoming a new standard, a Graham is a wise and unique investment for the future. Limited editions at jaw-dropping prices establish Graham as a top luxury brand that hardly will go unnoticed.